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Spring is here and with it come the rains and bitter cold nights that can drain your car's battery down to nothing! We can check your car's belts and mechanical systems (including the air conditioning AND heater), inspect your brakes for wear, and make sure that everything is working properly. Don't forget to replace your windshield wipers, they have been baking in the heat all through the summer, so it may be time to replace them!

Auto repair isn't the only thing we do, either. We also do smog check and smog tests, oil changes, vehicle inspections, air conditioning repair and service, and electrical work too!

Honest, Expert Auto Repair

We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our diagnostic skills and the quality of our workmanship. With decades of experience behind us and a shop filled with state-of-the-art equipment, we take auto repair to a new level. When your vehicle is not performing properly or needs upgrading, we can get the job done, on-time and on-budget. Car repair is more than just ordering a part and slapping it in. That's not what we do. We research the available sources for parts to get the best quality, without breaking your bank. Usually the original manufacturer (OEM) is the best place to get parts for your auto repair, but some aftermarket specialty parts can meet or even exceed the quality of OEM, at a fraction of the cost. If you'd like your auto repair done using OEM parts, that's always the "A" call, since we have established relationships with all the dealerships and parts wholesale houses in the region surrounding Rancho Cordova. On the other hand, you can ask us to look at alternative resources, such as after-market parts, which could possibly reduce the cost of your car repair by as much as 80%, without sacrificing quality in any way.


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11300 Sunrise Gold Circle, Suite C, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742