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Windshield Repair Rancho Cordova:

Most windshield cracks start small and then spread over time, sometimes expanding to cover the entire width of the glass.

When the crack is just a small "star" it can often be repaired by filling it with a special, transparent, resin. Done properly, the result is nearly invisible and the repair will last for years. Most important, the crack will not spread!

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In recent years there have been tremendous improvements in winsheild repair. You can have chips and small cracks repaired using resin and the results can be pretty amazing, but if you've got an actual crack running across your windshield, it needs to be replaced.

A large crack in your windshield is not only dangerous and unsightly, it can be illegal! The California Vehicle Code, Section 26710, states "It is unlawful to operate any motor vehicle upon a highway when the windshield or rear window is in such a defective condition as to impair the driver's vision either to the front or rear."

It goes on to say that if a windshield (or rear window) doesn't comform to the code, the officer performing the inspection shall direct the driver to make repair or replace the defective glass within 48 hours. The officer can also arrest the driver and give him or her a ticket and require the driver or the owner of the vehicle to appear in court and provide satisfactory evidence that the windshield or rear window now conforms to the requirements of the code.

Don't put yourself at risk of getting a ticket or getting hurt in an accident. If you've got a crack (or more than one) across your windshield, give a call and we'll set up an appointment. If it's just a small chip or two, we'll take care of that. But if there's more than that going on, we can replace the defective glass and have you back on the road at a price that's kind to your wallet!

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