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Your car's transmission is a complicated device and is absolutely essential to the operation of the vehicle. Sadly, transmissions tend to be something we only pay attention to when it starts misbehaving. In addition to regularly-scheduled filter and fluid changes, a transmission flush contributes to the unit's longevity. While the color and smell of the transmission fluid can be a signal that a flush is in order, many manufacturers recommend it at specific intervals (the mileage varies from brand to brand.

Transmission flush machines do not force any fluid through the system. They attach to the cooler lines. As the transmission pumps the old fluid out into the machine, it replaces it with an equal volume of new fluid into the return line. There is no pressure beyond what the transmission's own internal pump produces. The big advantage is that it actually exchanges ALL of the transmission fluid. Although it's important to drop the pan to periodically change the filter, that process can only change about 1/4th of the fluid that way. Most of it stays in the torque converter and does not drain out.

The flushing process is different from a "drain-and-fill" that involves a filter replacement, but only replaces 75% of the fluid.