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California's automobile emissions laws are among the most stringent in the Nation.

By law, the certificate that tells the DMV that a particular car has passed a smog test must be issued by a "Test-Only" station or by a "Test and Repair" station.

Without that certificate, the DMV will not allow you to register your vehicle.

"Test-Only" facilities get their designation from the fact that legally, they cannot perform any mechanical repairs on your vehicle to help it pass the smog test. It's just "pass" or "fail". If your vehicle fails the smog test, also known as a smog check, any needed repairs and adjustments must be made by a licensed mechanic in a shop that the state has certified as competent to perform the work. Superior Automotive is a Licensed California "Test and Repair" station, certified to make any and all repairs that may be necessary to get your car, truck, van or RV to pass the smog check.

As of January 1, 2009, a new law (AB 2241) is in effect that restricts the issuance of temporary operating permits to those individuals whose vehicles have not yet passed a smog check. The law requires a $50 fee for one-time only, 60-day temporary operating permit only if the vehicle has been tested at a smog station and failed. The extension can be for no more than 60 days from the date registration is due. The $50 fee will be waived for owners accepted into the Bureau of Automotive Repair Consumer Assistance Program (CAP).

Previously, owners could get a temporary operating permit for 60 days or more if, after paying their renewal fees on time, they were unable to get a smog certificate for ANY reason. The continued operation of vehicles that have not met California's smog test requirements is estimated to be emitting one to two tons per day of hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen.

Important note:
If your vehicle's "check engine" light is on, even if the cause is completely unrelated to your car's emission systems, the laws of the state of California classify the test results as a "failed test", even if your emission readings are completely with the required limit. Whatever is causing the "check engine" light to come on must be corrected, BEFORE the smog check can be performed.

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