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Replace Shocks and Struts in Rancho Cordova CA

Does your car roll or sway from side-to-side when making a sharp turn? Do you hear a creaking or thumping sound when you go over a speed-bump? If so, it may be time to replace your shock absorbers or struts!

"Shock" or Strut", what's the differeence?

"Strut" generally refers to a MacPherson Strut. It was invented by it's namesake in the late 1940's, although he relied on the work of several other engineers dating back to near the beginning of the 20th century. His design connects the wheel to the body, while allowing vertical travel to absorb vibrations from the road. The arrangement connects to the car's unibody at the top and at the bottom uses a wishbone or perhaps a compression link and a secondary link for stabilization. The core of the unit is a "coilover" cartridge which is a compression shock absorber with a cushioning coil spring around it.

Coil springs (and "leaf" springs too, for that matter) don't absorb energy. If the car's wheel hits a bump or a pothole, the energy of the impact is temporarily stored in the coil when it compresses and is then released when the coil expands and returns to its normal position.

Most "shock absorbers" are hydraulic, with a sealed piston-and-tube design. When the piston is pressed into the tube, the energy is transfered to the fluid where it is stored as heat until it disipates.

Some form of MacPherson-type strut, with the coilover design, can be found on almost all cars built in the last 20 years!

When you hear those odd noises or feel your car leaning to one side in tight turns, it's probably time to replace your struts. A simple test is to go to each of the four corners of your car and push down hard on the fender. If the fender returns to its original position and stops, your probably OK. If it continues to bounce, then there's a problem. Don't let a small problem turn into a big one! Call us at 916.638.9963 and we'll take care of the rest!

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