Interstate Battery Rancho Cordova

Interstate Battery Rancho Cordova:

Why Buy an Interstate Battery?

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This is a good question with a simple answer: Quality.

For almost 70 years, Interstate has built high-quality batteries. Interstate Batteries is the number one maker of replacement battery brand name for cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, powersports and lawn and garden uses. Their products are available from their network of 200,000 distributors. Automotive technicians prefer these batteries 5-to-1 over the competition!

We've seen a lot of dead and dying batteries over the years. We know which brands deliver best on power, reliability and value. That's why at Superior Automotive, we proudly offer what we believe to be the best batteries on the market and that includes Interstate!

The heat of summers and the winter cold in Rancho Cordova can be hard on your car's battery. If it is reluctant to start, or worse yet, won't start at all, bring your vehicle in and we'll check your charging system. If that checks out OK, then it's time for a new battery and we have the Interstate unit that's just right for you!