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Instrument Cluster Repair Rancho Cordova CA

Has your dashboard died and left you in the dark? Can't see the dials and gauges because they won't light up, or worse yet, don't work at all?

If your instrument cluster has failed and needs to be repaired, check with the manufacturer's local dealer for a price quote. Don't let them give you the old "We can't tell you what it'll cost until you bring it in" routine. They've done the procedure hundreds of times. They know exactly how long it takes to pull out the old instrument cluster and install the new one. They have a manual that states precisely how many hours and what parts are involved. Make them give you a price! An what a price it will be! $700, $900, $1,000 or even more.

But you don't have to settle for what they want to offer. The dealers want to REPLACE your instrument cluster, not REPAIR it. Why? Three simple reasons: 1) Their technicians are trained in how to replace instrument clusters, not repair instrument clusters. They don't have the expertise in-house. 2) The dealership has vast experience in replacing these units and probably none at all in repair. This creates liability and that is something, quite reasonably, to be avoided. 3) When the dealership replaces rather than repairs an instrument cluster, they make money on the labor AND a whopping mark-up on the part, the cluster itself.

Why repair instead of replace? Simple. If the instrument cluster failed because of a design flaw, the new one will eventually fail too. If the unit is repaired by an experienced, highly qualified electronics professional, the problem is solved! It should be good for years to come.

We have specific arrangements with the three top companies in the field. They've done thousands of repair jobs on nearly every imaginable make and model of car. They know what they're doing, they are very efficient, and they guarantee their work!

Each make/model takes a specific amount of time and labor, but even the most expensive example is less than $375! That's right! Not $700, $900, or $1,000+, but $375 or less.

You just schedule an appointment at our shop, drive in, we pull the cluster and you drive out. We'll call you when your unit is ready, in 5-7 working days. You drive in, we'll install the repaired instrument cluster, and you drive off, another satisfied Superior Automotive customer who just saved hundreds of dollars.

Call us at 916.638.9963 and we'll take care of the rest!

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