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Heater Core Repair Rancho Cordova:

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When Winter comes around, many of us suddenly re-discover our cars' heater. When the first frost appears, your hand reaches out for the heater controls that have been untouched for months. You push a button or turn a knob and... nothing happens! Here in Rancho Cordova, we enjoy warm to moderate temps well into November and staying warm while driving is the the farthest thought from our minds.

The problem could be a vent door that won't open or a switch that won't function, but often the cause of non-functioning heaters is the heater core itself.

Your heater core is connected to your car's cooling system. Most cars are cooled by fluid that flows through the engine. The fluid, a mix of anti-freeze and water, carries heat from the engine to the radiator. The radiator is located at the front of your car's engine compartment so that as the car moves forward, air is forced through it, cooling the fluid as it circulates.

The heater core itself is like a mini-radiator. It is located inside the dashboard because being exposed to passing air would defeat its purpose. The same coolant that flows through the radiator is also passed through the heater core. When you turn on the "heater" function, the same fans that blow cool air in Summer, pull warm air across the heater core and send it into the interior of the car.

When debris (contaminants such as scale from hard water, rust, tiny flakes of metal, etc.) gets into the coolant, it can accumulate in the heater core and clog it. Regretably, there is no known procedure for removing these clogs. One likely indicator of a clogged or failed heater core is leakage of coolant into the passenger compartment, usually on the right-hand side just under the dashboard. You could try to eliminate the leak by adding a can or bottle of radiator "stop-leak" to the coolant or by blocking off the heater hoses.

The only workable solution is to remove the dashboard, extract the old heater core, and install a new one.

Heater core repairs can be costly, but a through inspection of the fluids may stop the problem before major damage is done and if the heater core is in good condition, the problem may be just a mechanical malfunction that can be easily fixed.

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