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Factory Recommended Service Rancho Cordova:

Don't delay services that your car's maker recommends at specific intervals.

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Every car manufacturer has certain services that need to be performed when your car has traveled a pre-determined number of miles. They know when certain parts need to lubricated, adjusted or even replaced. These should not be ignored.

Maintainance servicings are scheduled at a wide variety of milestones, ranging from as few as 12,000 up to 90,000. A typical service might include the replacement of a pre-set array of parts such as Air filter, Brake fluid, Engine oil, Fuel filter, Oil filter, and Spark plugs. While the manufacturer may recommend a specific fluid type (such as 10/40W oil) and your should use only that type, they may also suggest a particular brand, but that choice is up to you. Quaker State, Valvoline, Castrol or any of the others; you're free to choose.

Because we have ASE-certified mechanics, we can perform Factory Recommended Service maintenance procedures, without putting your warranty at risk. We don't have the huge overhead of a car dealer, so we can charge less. We use OEM parts for all procedures and are always glad to give you the old, worn parts back if you would like to see the effects of wear and time.