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Diesel Smog Check Rancho Cordova:


Diesel engines are now subject to a smog check

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As of January 1, 2010, smog checks are required for Diesel vehicles. It is a three part test. The first test consists of interrogating the on-board diagnostic computer. We plug the smog machine into your vehicle's data-port and retrieve engine operating data, just as we would on gasoline powered vehicles. Second, an underhood visual inspection is performed to verify the original emission control components are in place. Finally, a visible smoke test is performed. This is where the throttle is snapped open and visible smoke is observed.


Only 1998 and newer diesel-powered vehicles are required to be tested.

Vehicles with Gross Vehicle Weight Rating(GVWR) of 14,000 or less are required to be tested.

No Dynamometer test is performed, smog check is performed at idle speed, the tail pipe emissions are not measured at this time.

The smog inspection takes about the same amount of time as gasoline engines.

There is no 4- or 6-year new vehicle exemption as with gasoline engines. When your vehicle is two years old, it will require a smog check.

Diesel Powered vehicles will not be directed to "Test Only" smog stations.