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Convertible Top Repair Rancho Cordova:

The Fall weather is here and Winter is on its way, so your top will likely be up almost all the time. It may be time to get a tune-up for your top!

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The very earliest cars were neither convertibles nor hardtops. They had no roofs at all and were literally not much more than horse-drawn buggies that had been fitted with a motor or engine. In fact, they were widely referred to as horse-less carriages. In bad weather, drivers either bundled up in a long coat, gloves, hat and goggles, or else they stayed home.

Eventually some cars had canvas or oil-cloth roofs supported on poles, which eventually morphed into something that looked like a convertible top, although it was in no way retractable. The first real convertible tops didn't appear until the early part of the 20th century. Putting the top up or taking it down was much like wrestling with a metal octopus.

Modern-era convertible tops are complex mechanisms with multiple hinge-points, motors, and spring assemblies. If your car's fabric top still looks great but doesn't operate smoothly, you may as well be driving a hard-top. If it's more work than it's worth to put the top up or down, most people just leave it up and try to remember the feel of the wind in their hair.

We can make your top work like new again. And do it at a reasonable cost! We'll identify the joints that aren't moving smoothly, the springs that have lost their strength, and any motors that aren't pulling their weight.

You'll be riding in style this summer at a fraction of the cost of having a new top installed!