Brake and Lamp Inspection in Rancho Cordova

Brake and Lamp Inspection in Rancho Cordova:

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Superior Automotive is licensed by the State of California as an Official California State Licensed Brake and Lamp Adjusting station. This means that we are authorized to conduct brake and lamp inspections. Typically these inspections are required when a vehicle has been involved in an accident and the vehicle's owner needs a "revived" salvage certificate or may have received a citation from law enforcement agency that requires an inspection and certificate to clear the title.

Because we a Licensed Brake and Lamp Adjusting station, we are subject to State specific regulations governing the training we receive and the methods and equipment we use to conduct our inspections. We also do other types of required inspections such as for Smog Check certificates as well as all facets of general automotive repair and maintenance.

What is a Brake and Lamp inspection?

The reason for having a brake and lamp inspection is to confirm that a vehicle which will be issued a salvage title certificate is in safe and roadworthy condition before being retitled. When a vehicle owner "revives" a salvaged vehicle, either due to accident damage or the vehicle being stolen, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) considers the ownership of the vehicle to be changed, even though the owner's name stays the same.

The DMV requires that a State-licensed Inspection station perform a thorough and complete examination of these critical parts which might have been damaged or misaligned due to a collision or as the result of damage that occurred when it was stolen. A vehicle may also need this kind of inspection to correct a defect or shortcoming that was cited by any law enforcement agency including the California Highway Patrol (CHP). When the Brake and Lamp Inspection has been successfully completed, a certificate will be provided and it can be presented to the DMV or CHP as certification of correction for any cited condition and proof that the vehicle can be safely operated.

How are Brake Inspections performed?

When an Official Brake Inspection is performed, our technician will determine if there are any defects in the vehicle's braking system. That process will include removing of the vehicle's wheels to perform a visual inspection, and then we will use special measuring devices to make certain that the manufacturer's specifications for the braking system components are met and that there are no hazard which might cause the brake system to operate improperly or even fail during use.

How are Lamp Inspections performed?

Our Brake and Lamp inspections are performed by our technicians who are licensed by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR), using BAR-approved equipment and procedures. When we do a Lamp inspection, our technician will check to confirm that all of the vehicle's lighting systems are in correct operating condition. This usually includes the use of specially-designed and certified tools to calibrate the aim of the beams of the headlights and do a visual inspection of all exterior safety lighting devices such as turn signals and clearance lights.

Another major concern is the correct operation of the brake lamp and taillight electrical system. When this process has been successfully completed, our technician will provide the vehicle's owner with a certificate that is valid for 90 days and can be presented to the requesting authority such as the DMV or CHP.