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Brake Adjustment Station Rancho Cordova
A brake and lamp inspection is required to confirm that a vehicle which is being issued a salvage certificate is in a "safe and roadworthy" condition before being retitled. When someone wants to "revive" a salvaged vehicle, due to accident damage or theft of the vehicle, the California Department of Motor Vehicles deems the ownership of the vehicle to be in question, even though the owner remains the same. As a result there is a substantial amount of documentation that is required to certify the ownership of the vehicle and the condition of the vehicle itself.

As part of that documentation, the DMV requires that a State Licensed Inspection station conduct a thorough and complete examination of critical components that may have been damaged or become misaligned because of an accident or theft damage.

A "junked" or "salvaged" vehicle can end up as a parts resource in a dismantler's yard, being sold off one piece at a time, or it can find a new, second life, after being repaired and put back on the road. When a vehicle has been declared as "junked" or "salvaged" it cannot be re-registered until a number of requirements have been met. Those requirements are outlined by the California DMV and they include getting certificates from a brake and lamp adjustment station certified by the State of California. Superior Automotive is both an Official Brake Adjustment Station AND an Official Lamp Adjustment Station.

Not every auto repair shop is certified to perform the required adjustments. Getting certified means that the mechanics at that shop have met the rigorous standards imposed by the State of California and know how to do the job properly. As recently as December 3, 2010, of the 100+ Official Brake Adjustment Stations serving Sacramento county, less than half of them held Valid licenses. The others were all either Delinquent, Cancelled, or Revoked. The numbers are nearly identical for the Official Lamp Adjustment Stations serving the area.

California brake and light inspection certificates are required for re-registration of most vehicles. Certificates are not required for trailers weighing 3,000 pounds or less gross vehicle weight.

When a mechanic performs an Official Brake Inspection, he will determine if any defects exist in the vehicle's braking system by conducting tests which will include the removal of the vehicle's wheels to conduct a general visual inspection and the use of special measuring devices to confirm that the manufacturer's specifications are met and that no hazards exist that would might the brake system to operate improperly or possibly fail.

If you have a "junked" or "salvaged" vehicle that you are planning to "revive", make sure you take it to an official Adjustment Station with a valid license, with ASE mechanics who can get the job done right!

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