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When your car is running rough or making odd sounds, a professional engine diagnosis can spot a small problem before it becames a major issue. Don't guess at what the problem is, find out for sure. Our diagnostic services will pinpoint the problem, quickly and accurately.

Engine diagnosis on modern cars starts with the same basics that have always used for testing. Your problems might be in the electronic control parts and high tech systems, but it is always best to start with the basics of your engine's health when it comes to diagnosis.

A compression test and an engine vacuum test are the two keys to a quick diagnosis. These tests can also eliminate components as possible causes.

If the combustion chamber leaks, some of the air/fuel mixture will escape when it is compressed, resulting in a loss of power and wasting fuel. These leaks can be caused by burnt valves, a blown head gasket, worn rings, slipped timing belt or chain, worn valve seats, a cracked head, or any one of several other issues. Engines with poor compression or low compression will not run correctly and cannot be tuned to factory specs.

The engine vacuum test measures intake manifold vacuum and offers another way to diagnose specific problems. The downward movement of the piston forms a vacuum during the intake stroke. If the cylinder is properly sealed a maximum amount of vacuum will be formed.

At Superior Automotive, we combine these tried and true methods with the very latest in electronic diagnostic technologies to refine the exact cause of your engine's problems.