Front End Suspension Repair Rancho Cordova

Front End Suspension Repair Rancho Cordova:

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Shock Absorbers and Springs work with each other: Springs control the height of the vehicle, that's the distance between your car and the axles of the wheels. They are designed to support the weight of your vehicle and distribute the car's weight while cornering.

Shock Absorbers are intended to control the springs and absorb the bumps (shocks) you hit on the road. Springs rarely need to be replaced but shock absorbers operate under an huge work load and need to be checked after 36,000 miles and then scheduled each service interval.

Shock Absorbers also keep your car's wheels on the road. If they are not functioning properly, then neither are your brakes and tires. It’s also a safety issue, so a thorough inspection will check your shocks for leaks or broken mounts AND check the shock absorbers' ability to control the springs.

Worn or damaged tie rod ends, ball joints or bushes will cause steering and alignment issues which will wear your tires lomg well before their time. They also affect the car's handling, which could become a safety issue.

If your car dips forward under braking, takes longer to come to a full stop, shows uneven or unusual tread wear, feels unstable when cornering or if you feel vinration in the steering wheel, then these might be indications of suspension wear.

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